Women's tapestry woven aprons

woman's hand woven  apron from Dospat region, Bulgaria Detail of a woman's tapestry-woven apron from the Dospat region, Bulgaria. Probably woven in the 1960's.

Throughout the Balkans, women wore elaborately hand woven aprons, many of which were made in tapestry techniques similar to those used on flat-woven (kilim-like) rugs. Sometimes the scale of the woven decoration is similar to that found on local rugs, and sometimes the tapestry weaving is significantly finer, as seen on the Albanian back aprons from Kosovo.

Aprons were most commonly woven in wool, but there is a wide-spread preference for cotton, when available, for the white areas, as women believe that cotton gives a brighter white than wool. Occasional accents of other materials may also be found.

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