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balkan woman's belt buckles pafti Woman's belt buckle.


Macedonian woman's socks Macedonian woman's socks

Tapestry woven aprons

albanian woman's back apron from Kosovo Albanian woman's back apron, Kosovo.

This section is intended as a small window onto some of the archival material I've collected over the years.

I believe that it's very useful to be able to see many examples of a items of a single genre. Once upon a time, for example, the women of a region wore regionally specific items, and the local inhabitants daily saw the range of local variation. As these items go out of use, they have become scattered over time, so it is no longer feasible to go to the source village (or set of villages) and create an accurate inventory of the range of traditional items.

I've been collecting photographs of things from various sources; in situ in their villages of origin, things found in antique and second hand stores, and things found in private collections. This section presents accumulated visual documentation of variations of a given article of folk costume, without commentary. The viewer is invited to experience for him/her self the range of design and pattern.