About the exhibits section

north Bulgarian cardweaving detail
North Bulgarian cardwoven belt detail.

Russian Old Believer pick-up belt
Russian Old Believer pick-up woven belt.

woman's sleeve embroidery, Bitola region, Macedonia
Bitola region sleeve embroidery.

Scenery from the western Rodops of Bulgaria
Western Rodops, Bulgaria, with a view of Pirin.

This section presents several small "virtual exhibits" of information and pictures of objects gathered during my years of fieldwork in various places. It gives the viewer a chance to look at a specific topic in depth, with access to many images of related items.

Тhe song and video sub-sections, while technically not exhibits, are put together with a deliberate view in mind, so I've put them here rather than under the archive section.

Bulgarian card woven belts

Cardweaving was once widely practiced in Bulgaria, although it is no longer practiced today. This sub-section gives the viewer a chance to look at examples of regional variations of card woven belts.

Russian Old Believer belts

Information and pictures of objects presented here were gathered from a Russian Old Believer community living in Woodburn, Oregon. They practiced many different belt-making techniques. Here you can look at examples of them all.

Brsjak embroidery

The Brsjak people are a sub-group of Macedonians. The embroidery of the Brsjak women's chemises follows a relatively uniform placement, although there are distinct regional variations in the color, design, etc. And within a region, there are variations depending on when the chemise was made, for whom, and for what occastion. This sub-section gives the viewer visual access to a wide range of Brsjak embroideries, drawn from my own fieldwork, and from private collections in the U.S.

Song comparisons

While technically not an exhibit, I use this sub-section to share with the viewer (listener!) sound clips and song text of four songs from the western Rodops which seem to me to have something in common.