Motifs from a central North Bulgarian woman's belt.

This belt wraps several times around the waist, and has motifs separated by blank spaces along its length. The diversity of pattern is typical of this genre of cardwoven belts. The ends of festive belts have elaborate warp-wrapping, in stylized geometric motifs. Typically the wearer would make sure that the decorated end would be tucked so that it fell hanging down over her hip.

Three motifs from a belt from north Bulgaria

The following are excerpts from some of the patterns on this belt. The weaver was clearly having a hard time; note the frequent changing of direction of the edge pattern. The belt is finished in a style typical of this area; groups of the warp are successively cut from the outer edges and put through as warp, making a triangular, fringed end.

North Bulgarian "Wave" Belt
The top motif is from the beginning of the belt, starting from the right. Note that it took a while to get the cards in proper order to start the wave pattern.